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Construction in Greece

This year, the price of real estate in Greece has reached a record low, becoming available to people with average income. That’s why now is profitable to buy a private house or a plot of land in order to acquire a comfortable accommodation in a wonderful ancient country.

If you are the owner of a piece of land in Greece, it's time to start its arrangement. Construction in Greece includes engineering and legal side. Our company offers a full range of quality services as for reissuance the real estate and legal services for the inspection and registration of facilities under construction. Perhaps, if you will want to speed up the verification process, you can order from us legal review, which will be held in parallel with the technical.

How to purchase real estate in Greece

Greece is an amazing country. People come here to relax, or to find a favorite pastime for the soul, big number of foreigners want to buy a property in Greece. Warm sea, fresh air, dry climate, magnificent in its beauty coastal islands, all of this was created to enjoy life!

Here you can find own seven wonders: Knossos Palace, Temple of Apollo, the world's first theater in Epidaurus, the remains of a grand statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient Olympic Stadium, the myths of Atlantis, the Athenian Parthenon. It is not everything what you can see in Greece. What only costs the Greek cuisine and hospitality!

Real estate in Greece

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization - it is a wonderful country with the warmest sea, among European countries, clean air and beautiful nature. She stretches among picturesque rocks, valleys, among large number of islands with exotic grottoes. About three thousand islands and eight thousand kilometers of beach on the continent make Greece very attractive for tourists and foreigners who want to buy plots of land or a house on the sea shore. It should be noted that Greece is also a country with the cleanest beaches, no wonder that she earned 394 blue flag, and more, about what don’t know foreign tourists, here are located 30 lakes with crystal clear water.

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