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Rural properties

Rural propertiesPerhaps, you may have read or heard about the low cost of real estate in Greece, no matter whether it is a house in the city limits, or a rural property. In fact, if compare to other resort areas, it would be better to speak, that the property has fallen in price compared with a peak in 2008 of 7.6 to 15%. For many reasons, of which we have already mentioned in previous publications, the construction in Greece can not be cheap, and it leaves its mark on the price, which is natural.

Nevertheless, the Greek realtors now are massively studying the Russian language, because of the fact that residents of the CIS countries for the recent years most actively are buying here homes and apartments. And so as a ready unsold country cottages, mansions and a trendy bungalows, stuffed with ready electronics "smart" home there were about 40 thousand objects, it is clear that is necessary to revitalize the stagnated market.

Realty firms don’t lose optimism and think that rural property can save a situation which can be explained by the recently survived crisis in the country. By the way, this information is for those who can not afford to “live in grand style”. The most expensive real estate is located in Mykonos. Here, a square meter costs 2,230 euro. On second place is real estate in Santorini, where a square meter costs 1,900 euro. But not today. These days, you have an excellent opportunity to buy real estate in these areas up to 1,000 euro for square, even if the starting price is much higher. Owners, who sell real estate, now are prepared to bargain. And incredibly picturesque island of Corfu is ready to "share", for those, who wish, its territory at a price of 900 euro per square meter.

Remains, of course, the legal aspect. It is known, that rural property involves more complicated process of clearance of purchase and sale deal, if it is located in the coastal zone or on the island. Its clearance requires the help of qualified lawyers. And our experts can provide the most reliable service in the shortest possible time. Maybe, we will save you from unnecessary hassle with the purchase property in Greece..


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