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About company

About companyInvesting in foreign real estate is one of the most successful ways to increase own financial embedding. This is especially topical if the speech is about such a promising country like Greece. Here is not only the great choice of resort real estate, comfortable conditions for tourism and life, but also very loyal legislation for aliens. PifagorHome company is Real Estate Agency in Greece, which offer a full range of services. From the time of its creation to the present day, our company doesn’t cease to grow, to expand the set of services, to strengthen interaction with trusted partners and to improve the professionalism of our team. All this gives us the opportunity not only to recommend to our clients the best objects, but carefully and legally correct to conduct deals of purchase and sale. Firmly defending the interests of the client, we are working on the final, invariably positive result.

Real estate in Greece Pifagorhome - is:

  • high degree of responsibility to our clients
  • time-tested devices for property purchasing
  • comfortable and timely service
  • full informational support, personal assistance
  • unique offers in the purchase of real estate
  • team of professional consultants from various spheres
About company Why is necessary to resort to using our real estate agency?

Greece is the country with the features of home buying in resort areas (including the border). Just knowing all the legal subtleties, you can buy square meters without unnecessary delay. Our team consists of narrow profile experienced lawyers, professional translators, qualified Russian-speaking guides and experts in many other professions, who are complex working of the acquisition of your property. Any trends related to real estate, and future changes in legislation - is constantly in our field of vision. That is why with us you are always informed about all the news and protected from unpleasant surprises. Thanking to closely work with each customer, our real estate agency in Greece exactly knows how and in what sequence it is necessary to solve the tasks of the client. With the company Pifagorhome real estate purchasing in the solar Hellas becomes comfortable pastime among the breathtaking landscape, awaiting of a successful result.

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