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Construction in Greece   

This year, the price of real estate in Greece has reached a record low, becoming available to people with average income. That’s why now is profitable to buy a private house or a plot of land in order to acquire a comfortable accommodation in a wonderful ancient country.

If you are the owner of a piece of land in Greece, it's time to start its arrangement. Construction in Greece includes engineering and legal side. Our company offers a full range of quality services as for reissuance the real estate and legal services for the inspection and registration of facilities under construction. Perhaps, if you will want to speed up the verification process, you can order from us legal review, which will be held in parallel with the technical.

These services include checking for penal sanctions, verification of tax information, related with the land. Only after conducting of all necessary verification, should solve, whether to purchase this land. In Greece, the plot land is measured in steam, to those, who wishing to purchase a building plot, here is a table of correspondences in usual for us units.

1 strem = 10 acres or 1,000 sq, accordingly 10 strems = 1 hectare. Prices on plots of land in Greece most of all depend on picturesque view from plot and a big role plays proximity to the sea. Purchase the plot of land in Greece for yourself, or for business - it is in any case a profitable investment of money. Our experts are ready to select the most optimal plots and help in resolving all related to the purchasing process and building issues.

It is interesting to know that the plots in Greece can be ikopedo and agrotemahio. From their names you've probably already guessed that the first kind - is the plot in a populated area, the second – out of the line of village. From location of the plot on ikopedo or agrotemahio depends so-called building coefficient that regulates available for construction area.

For ikopedo it is in limit 0,4 - 2,4, and for agrotemahio more complicated. To obtain a building permission, suburban areas must either be an area of over 0.4 hectares, or less than 0.4 hectares, but being directly close to roads.

Permitted building area for agrotemahio is calculated according to the rules: The plot less than 0.4 hectares - is permissible building area until 200 sq.m.

The plot in the range of 0.4 to 0.8 hectares - is a building area, which can constitute 200 square meters for the first 4 hectares. The remaining area should be multiplied by a coefficient 0.02, and be added to this 200 sqm. If the section occupies more than 0.8 hectares, the first 0.8 hectares allocated 280 square meters for building, the remaining area is multiplied by 0.01 and is added to the first 280 sq.m.

We are ready to provide all necessary legal help, for wishing to execute construction in Greece, to buy plot of land, villa, apartment, or rent real estate.

Мы готовы оказать всю необходимую юридическую помощь желающим выполнить строительство в Греции, приобрести участок, загородный дом, квартиру, или арендовать недвижимость.



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