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Real estate in Greece   

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization - it is a wonderful country with the warmest sea, among European countries, clean air and beautiful nature. She stretches among picturesque rocks, valleys, among large number of islands with exotic grottoes. About three thousand islands and eight thousand kilometers of beach on the continent make Greece very attractive for tourists and foreigners who want to buy plots of land or a house on the sea shore. It should be noted that Greece is also a country with the cleanest beaches, no wonder that she earned 394 blue flag, and more, about what don’t know foreign tourists, here are located 30 lakes with crystal clear water.

The rocky terrain dictates its standards for construction in Greece, what makes it more expensive than in the resort areas of other countries, for example in Bulgaria. Densely populated valleys are considered as seismically active zones, although at present, and in the next century, any activity in these areas is not predicted, however the law is the law.

Requirements for buildings here are not quite double-digit, buildings must to withstand earthquakes of 8.5 points. Safe construction means a strong foundation and monolithic bearing elements. In addition, in Greece are building so-called "green" buildings from ecologically clean materials, which cost an average on 8% more than conventional counterparts. Such buildings are equipped with the all modern technologies of energy saving. In connection with this construction in Greece can not be cheap.

Nevertheless, citizens of other states gladly purchase the real estate in Greece, the benefits are all the legal possibilities for this. From our side, we can provide you a complete package of legal services for the acquisition, re-registration of plots, houses, flats. Our clients save time and money, and also get high-quality services, by acquiring real estate in the shortest time.

Currently, real estate prices in Greece came to its lowest level, at least, experts predict their future growth due to the increasing popularity of this country among foreigners. More and more people from other countries want to find an apartment or house here on the warm azure coast, or in a picturesque valley. Greek realtors because of this are learning Russian. So it's time to contact to our experts, who will help you to get your piece of paradise here!


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