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How to purchase real estate in Greece  

Greece is an amazing country. People come here to relax, or to find a favorite pastime for the soul, big number of foreigners want to buy a property in Greece. Warm sea, fresh air, dry climate, magnificent in its beauty coastal islands, all of this was created to enjoy life!

Here you can find own seven wonders: Knossos Palace, Temple of Apollo, the world's first theater in Epidaurus, the remains of a grand statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient Olympic Stadium, the myths of Atlantis, the Athenian Parthenon. It is not everything what you can see in Greece. What only costs the Greek cuisine and hospitality!

If you decide to buy property in Greece, it should not cause complications, as a place in this country can buy a citizen of any state. If the property is located on the coastal islands or in the border areas, its clearance is more complicated.

For the literate renewal of property and compilation of the deal purchase and sale, require the services of an experienced lawyer, a specialist in this area. Actually, in the process of the conducting the deal, lawyer is the central person, who takes on the responsibility for clearance of documents. It should be noted, that from the buyer side is necessarily to have a lawyer. This is not a whim, is necessity, which is regulated by law, in case, if the value of the deal is more than thirty thousand for capital housing and more than twelve thousand for other regions.

Perhaps, you have interest to know what the reward gets a lawyer in this case. This is, as a rule, 1-2 %% from the deal. Before the concluding of the contract, you must get an identification code for foreigners in the tax inspection. A buyer selects a notary office. Initially, the deal is committed by clearance of documents on the national language with the next notarized translation, on the buyer language. The lawyer is responsible for the proper execution of documents. After registration at the Land Registry estate, the deal is completed.

Our company provides a full range of services for those who want to buy a property in Greece. You can contact by the following telephone number for a free consultation with a specialist. Except the real estate renewal services, we are performing any operations with renting of premises, selling or renting of country cottages. With our experience you can’t afraid of any pitfalls of legal niceties, contact us, and your question will be solved quickly and professionally!


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