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Residential real estate

Residential real estate Greece is on the one of the first places among the most beautiful countries on the planet, and residential real estate here, is attractive by the fact that when you buy it, a citizen of another country, if he/she wants, can receive a residence permit. As a modern European country, Greece provides to residents and visitors to the high standards of living and recreation at sufficiently low cost. People here are friendly and sociable, great ethnic cuisine, colorful culture and traditions.

And the most interesting is full freedom in purchasing of the real estate to foreigners. And it's not just an apartments, it is also a land of the most picturesque places, and even on the islands! Of course, as in every country, with the purchasing of the property are related to certain actions for re-registration of the real estate.

Attractive Real Estate in Greece – it is not a problem if for the work are taken our lawyers, people who know all subtleties, have professional experience and intuition. Our grateful clients were able to evaluate in the short term, courtesy and professionalism of our lawyers. Perhaps, you also want to be among the lucky owners of a comfortable apartment (and in Greece the comfort - is a de facto standard), of a home, or of a plot of land for construction? We are ready to take on all the legal side of the deal.

In the second quarter of 2014 real estate prices in Greece fell by nearly 34% compared to the previous periods. For example, the average price of the ready plot of land and the cottage near the sea amounted € 181,000 in 2009, today the average price is € 110 000 (71 000 euro difference). It's time to hurry with the acquisition.

Famous rating agencies predict that in the near future Residential Properties will keep its average cost, because Greece has not revised the real estate taxes, which was imposed on the crisis period. Until the government will not decide to change something in this context, housing in Greece will not be more expensive, and even the can be price fluctuations in the smaller side.

But the point is not in price, people come here not for the sake of low prices. Although, we think that this information was also useful and will help you make the right choice. You can buy real estate in Bulgaria or Turkey, or in other resort areas, and can still in Greece. It's a business of taste. Thus, while real estate in Greece; we just invite all who wish to use this good chance.

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